John De Santiago

John De Santiago

My name is John De Santiago, a developer with almost 20+ years of experience living in the Dallas, TX area. I am a

Salesforce MVP and have been integrating, customizing, and implementing solutions for the platform

for over 13 years. I started my career developing proprietary desktop and web applications and over the last few

years have helped provide solutions for industries such as manufacturing, insurance, financial services, tax and

accounting, and legal.

I enjoy sharing my experience and stories on my blog titled Iterative Logic where I focus on sharing my thoughts on

software development, design patterns, best practices, and more recently user experience.

I am also the co-host of a weekly podcast called Good Day, Sir! Where we have casual and honest conversations

about software development, technology, and the platform.

Phone: (940) 368-6534 | E-Mail:

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• Twitter: @johndesantiago


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